Grooming Products for Men

//Grooming Products for Men

Grooming Products for Men

A bar of Ivory soap and a bottle of Head & Shoulders may do the job… technically. A Schwinn can also get you from Point A to Point B. But the discerning man desires more. At Refine Men’s Salon, we offer a suite of grooming products for men (both hair and shaving) crafted to help you look your absolute best.

We find ourselves inspired by excellence and innovation. We believe that you do, too. So, start your day with a hair and skincare routine that will inspire you to rise to the challenges of the day. While we carry a wide variety of men’s hair products and men’s shaving products, here are a few of our favorites this spring. Have questions or want to learn more about the full suite of products available in our store (including many products not available online)? Call (615) 219-0188.

Kevin Murphy

kevin murphyKevin Murphy brings stimulating and refreshing shampoos and conditioning products designed to care for the hair and scalp. In addition to hair cleaning products, Kevin Murphy offers premium styling products, including Night.Rider (maximum control texture paste), Rough.Rider (moldable styling clay), Free.Hold, Easy.Rider, and others.

We love their Anti.Gravity Spray and Hair.Resort Spray, which will completely rock your notion of what hairspray is and can do. (It’s not your dad’s sticky, shellac-like spray!) Finally, we have to throw a nod to Motion Lotion, a curl enhancing lotion that truly does last all day.

18.21 Man Made

1821 productsThere’s no doubt that 18.21 Man Made products are winning in the product packaging department. These men’s shaving products and men’s hair products take on the look of whiskey bottles, tobacco tins, and vintage aerosol cans like the ones you might have found in your grandfather’s medicine cabinet half-a-century ago.

But don’t let the looks deceive you. 18.21 Man Made is no gimmick. Each product is quality. Exceptional materials and ingredients are used to help men with all hair types establish a premium at-home grooming routine. (Psst… 18.21 Man Made are great gifts, too!)


reuzel product“Spelled with a Z. Pronounced with a middle finger,” as they like to say. Reuzel, produced by two sleeve-tattooed barbers in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is some of the finest pomade you’ll find anywhere. We’re thrilled to make it available to you here in the Brentwood/Franklin area. With a variety of shines and holds, there’s a Reuzel pomade for every man.


A household name with a rich 40+ year history, Aveda offers some incredible products that will satisfy all consumers, especially eco-conscious consumers. The company leads the beauty industry in responsible packaging and manufacturing. Additionally, they practice responsible sourcing techniques and are proud to say they’ve never tested products on animals. We carry more than 40 Aveda products in-store. Your stylist will be happy to help you find an Aveda men’s grooming product that’s right for you!

Visit our Cool Springs location or call (615) 219-0188 to learn more.

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