For Gentlemen of Refined Taste

//For Gentlemen of Refined Taste

Refine: verb. to become perfected or to improve/perfect by cultivation

It may be assumed that a masterpiece is completed on the first try. However, there is always room to Refine. To refine is to perfect, to fine-tune, to hone, to improve on. At Refine Men’s Salon, we are passionate about the art of men’s grooming. Our only goal is to make you, you. Only better.

Our staff are artists specially trained to create the perfect look for your individual style, head shape and hair density. We treat each guest as a masterpiece and refine your look to deliver the ultimate experience in men’s grooming and hair care.

Refine Men’s Salon: For gentlemen who appreciate the finer things

At Refine Men’s Salon of Cool Springs, we take men’s grooming beyond just a haircut. We take pride in our customer service from the moment our clients step into the doorway until they leave, refreshed from the services they’ve received.

We understand that a man in today’s world requires a personal touch. Our stylists are trained in men’s haircuts and in men’s grooming geared toward the gentlemen of today. We offer a wide range of services specifically designed for men. Every member of our staff is top notch. There’s never a need to ask who’s the best; but they do have their own specialties!

At Refine Men’s Salon of Cool Springs we are on a mission to show that salons aren’t just for women, since men need expert styling and proper skin care too. Our expert stylists know exactly what it takes to keep a man properly groomed and looking good. When you come into our salon, you will be treated like the exceptional man that you are, whether it’s relaxing with a cold drink while you wait, or a hot towel to finish off a signature men’s haircut or shave.

Refine Men’s Salon of Cool Springs is committed to keeping the modern man looking his best at all times. From our signature haircuts and razor shaves to complete facials or scalp treatments, we have all of the bases covered with our full list of professional salon services to ensure that you look and feel great.

Our attention to detail does not stop and start in the barber chair. Come by early to start the experience from the moment you step into the salon. We offer complimentary beverages – soft drinks, water, coffee, bottled beer and always a local brewery beer on tap.
You can book your appointment online, call us directly, or just walk in. Experience what a salon for men truly should be.

Get in touch with Refine Men’s Salon:
1844 W McEwen Drive Suite 110, Franklin
Phone: (615) 219-0188