A Superior Single Blade Shave at Refine Men’s Salon

//A Superior Single Blade Shave at Refine Men’s Salon

Some salons resemble an assembly line, stylists busily busing customers from one side of the building to the other, towels whipping through the air and sinks gushing away beneath the constant chatter.

Then, there’s Refine Men’s Salon, an experience that couldn’t be more different.

Men from all over the Franklin/Brentwood/Cool Springs area visit Refine Men’s Salon for the personal touch that’s offered in every service, from hair styling and coloring to blade shaves and other treatments.

At Refine Men’s Salon, you’re personally greeted by your stylist, who will offer you one of our local beers on tap or another beverage of your choice. Next, you’ll be escorted to your own private area where you’ll remain for your entire visit.

Whether your visit is for our Luxury Hair Styling treatment or just a quick nose or eyebrow waxing, you’ll have your own semi-private space and be cared for with our fullest attention.

Experiencing the Signature Shave

One of our most popular services at Refine Men’s Salon is the Signature Shave, a single blade shave that includes hot lather, warm shaving cream, and a series of hot towels. If you’ve never had a single blade shave before, you’ll find the switch from multi-blade can be quite refreshing. 

When using a multi-blade cartridge, the leading blade actually tugs the hair slightly out of the skin. The following blade then slices the hair and releases it, allowing the hair to retract back beneath the surface of the skin. This can lead to ingrown hairs, which can be painful and may also cause infection. With a single blade razor, this doesn’t happen because the hair is cut clean at the surface – no tugging and retracting involved.

A single blade shave isn’t necessarily as easy to achieve as a shave with a multi-blade cartridge. When using a single blade shave, you have to be more careful going around corners and attempting a close cut on certain angles. That’s why many men prefer to have a professional handle the single blade shave. Get that close, quality cut – without accidentally nicking yourself!

Luxury Waits Here at Refine Men’s Salon

When you get a blade shave with a stylist at Refine Men’s Salon, you don’t just get excellent grooming. You also get a little bit of tranquility and peace of mind scheduled into your day. Hot lather, warm shaving cream, and hot towels are just one part of the luxurious experience that awaits. Visit our Cool Springs location to drop in, or call (615) 219-0188 to schedule your Signature Shave in advance.