4 Beard Tips to Take You from “Grizzly Adams” to “Dapper Dan”

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The era of the beard is in high gear! As we embrace facial hair of every design, style, and length, there’s one thing to remember… your beard needs care too! Facial hair does not behave like the hair on your head. It’s different in texture and the facial skin underneath requires different treatment. Regardless of the length, width, or style of your beard, it’s important to maintain your beard to look and feel its best. Here are four beard care tips from Refine Men’s Salon to take you from wild, woolly scratchy Grizzly Adams into Dapper Dan, with the beard as trim and tame as you intend.

Tip 1: Invest in Grooming Tools

If you intend to keep your beard around long-term, it’s best to invest in a quality beard comb or brush. Select your grooming tools based on the length and texture of your beard. A beard brush can help exfoliate the skin underneath – after all, no one wants beard dandruff! A brush also distributes beard oil evenly and helps tame stray, flyaway hairs. Beard combs detangle and can also help tame hairs; combs may be best suited to shorter trimmed beards.

Tip 2: Beard Oil / Balm is More than a Suggestion

Whether you select a balm or oil, it’s important to use something to condition your beard. A quality balm or oil is absorbed quickly and completely into the beard and can help soften and tame the coarser facial hair. It also acts as a skin conditioner, which can help prevent the oh-so-annoying itch! Beard balm, which often contains beeswax and shea or coconut butter, may also be great for styling your beard. We’re big fans of the beard oils from Smoky Mountain Beard Co., which we use in-store at Refine Men’s Salon.

Tip 3: Beard Soap / Shampoo Matter

In order to keep your beard and underlying skin at its healthiest and best, use a beard soap or shampoo. Because the hair is so unique, using shampoo for your head is not recommended for your facial hair. It can strip the natural oils, leaving your beard dry and lifeless. Cleansing your beard will not only help you care for the skin and help it look great, but it’ll also keep you healthier, too! Longer facial hair, in particular, can trap and accumulate dirt, allergens, particles, and food particles throughout the day.

Tip 4: Treat Your Face

Shaving is for suckers? Not quite. A salon-quality shave or facial can do so much for the condition of the skin and your beard. The hot towels, hot lather, and straight-edged blade cleaning up the periphery around your beard will make you feel relaxed and restored! The facial treatment to soften, exfoliate, and care for your specific skin needs will make you wonder only one thing… why did I wait so long? 

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