Taper Fades for the Dapper Man

//Taper Fades for the Dapper Man

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The Taper Fade style has been around for decades – and for good reason. This iconic look is simply timeless. As other trends come and go, the taper fade is here to stay. And while it is timeless, it is still versatile. The taper fade has a variety of options to make it uniquely yours. It translates well to every type of hair and can accommodate various lengths and looks, from casual to elegant.

What is a Taper Fade?

At its most basic, a taper fade is a cut that is longer on top and progressively gets shorter as it tapers down the head, gradually fading into the skin. This cut gives a clean and finished look that is easy to maintain on a daily basis. Low maintenance hair that offers a polished appearance is ideal for the dapper man. While there are dozens of ways to do a taper fade, these are three of our favorites.

Mid Taper Fade

Flattering for almost every face shape and hair texture, a mid taper fade is highly flattering and well-balanced. The mid taper fade is more striking than a low taper fade but not quite as dramatic as a high taper fade. The cut typically starts about an inch above the ear and provides a casual, yet contemporary, polished look. Paired with a longish look on top, it can be easily and quickly fixed, making it manageable and stylish without overwhelming your face.

Low Fade

A low fade is the type of fade that’s closest to the taper. This fade happens much further down on the head, and it can sometimes be mistaken for a taper. Again, the key difference is evenness. A low fade can be very abrupt, whereas a taper will always be gradual and even.

Time for a New Look?

Looking for a new cut? Refine Men’s Salon is here to help you choose the taper fade or other hairstyle to best suit your lifestyle, look and personality. Book an appointment online or by calling us at 615-219-0188. We look forward to giving you a relaxing experience suited for the man of refined taste.