Men’s Hair Care Tips for Effortlessly Stylish Looks 2019-08-15T08:19:43-08:00
Man gets a haircut at the barber shop in Playa Vista, CA

Whether entering a new work venture or making a great impression on a first date, you want to convey a sense of confidence that commands respect. Looking your best is about more than getting a haircut at your local barber every four weeks – it’s about maintaining your cool new ‘do so it looks just as fresh next week as it did on the day you had it trimmed. We asked our Playa Vista stylists for their tips to get healthy, flowing locks and they shared their salon secrets to achieve hair that will impress at work just as much as it will when you’re out on the town.

Keep it Tepid

While many sources promote taking cold showers for skin and hair health, this can actually work against anyone who wants thick, full hair. Cold showers block the blood capillaries that carry essential nutrients to the scalp. This can shock your system, resulting in hair that is less than magnificent. Hot showers aren’t the answer, either. Extreme heat strips natural oils from your scalp, leaving your hair without protection. Meet in the middle with a room temperature shower to help protect your hair and keep it looking its best year-round.

Skip the Rinse and Repeat

Avoid over-washing your hair. We recommend washing it about three times per week to avoid stripping natural oils from your scalp. Massage any shampoo or conditioner in gently and skip the part where the shampoo bottle tells you to repeat the wash. Not only does an extra wash waste product, but it doesn’t help your hair.

The Drying Cycle

Resist the urge to aggressively rub your head with a towel when you step out of the shower. This practice tugs on the roots of your hair and causes split ends. Help keep your hair strong and healthy by patting it down gently with a fluffy towel. Avoid heat and styling tools like flat irons or hair dryers. Allow your hair to air dry naturally as it was meant to.

Know Your Products

Minimalism is encouraged when it comes to your hairstyle. Fewer products equals a cleaner, more natural look that exudes confidence. Here is the lineup:

Gel Gel gives you a high-shine, maximum-hold, “wet” look. Gel holds moisture in to your hair, controls frizz, adds body, and can create a smooth look. Use a high-quality gel to avoid flaking so you can achieve the best results.
Putty Putty is high-hold, but low shine. It’s not as stiff as gel, so you get a more touchable texture. This is a great option for men who need a conditioned look with plenty of control.
Wax Wax holds hair firmly in place without looking stiff or “glued” to the head. Use it sparingly and layer it on little by little for the best look. Wax is oil-based, which can make it tough to rinse out. Pair with high-quality shampoo or conditioner to remove completely.
Pomade Most pomade is water-based, which makes it lightweight and easy to wash out. Those same qualities give it less hold than other products. Pomade makes it easy to create a classic, high shine retro look with a flexible hold. Ideal for dry hair.
Paste Hair paste is thicker than pomade and is typically good for medium to long hair. They are water-based, which makes them easy to wash out. Hair paste comes with medium shine and moderate hold, so you can create any look with minimal effort.
Mud/Clay Mud and clay are extremely dry, which means they naturally have a lower shine. These products range from low to high hold, depending on the type you purchase. Read labels carefully to get just the right look.

Keep it Loose

Avoid tight hats and headgear that could pull too hard on your hair’s roots. This friction can lead to something called traction alopecia, which may or may not be permanent. While some headgear, like protective helmets, may not be optional, you can choose to purchase loose-fitting hats the rest of the time. Protect your scalp by letting it breathe as much as possible!

Keep it Cut

Remember to get a haircut every four to six weeks to keep your cut looking fresh. This is the best advice we give our clients who want to make sure their hairstyle looks clean at the office. Our stylists can also help ensure that your body has enough body and movement to transition easily for date night. Consult with your stylist for a schedule that suits your style.

Stay Healthy

You are what you eat! Choose a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep every night. These healthy habits will keep your body running smoothly for hair and nails worth envying. This will help you put your best face forward no matter what life throws your way.

What about the beard?

Many of the same tips that apply to the hair on top of your head also apply to the hair on your face. Your beard should be washed more often than your hair, though, which leaves it at risk for losing hydration. Consider using beard oil, which functions as a leave-in conditioner, effectively balancing the natural oils on your beard and skin. Use comb with rounded teeth to protect your beard while grooming. Many beard combs come with two types of teeth arrangements: one wide and one narrow. The wide teeth are intended to be used for your beard, which is thicker. The narrow teeth are intended for use on your moustache.

Don’t get stuck in the same boring hair routine; it’s time for you to finally achieve your dreams of envy-worthy hair. Schedule your appointment online at our Playa Vista barbershop today to get started!