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NATURAL – Shampoo, haircut, conditioner, styling & hot towel finish.
SUPER NATURAL – Our Natural cut with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.
LAD’S – Haircut for boys under 12 years old.
SCHOLAR – Awesomeness on a college budget. (10$ off a Natural on Mondays & Tuesdays only)
MAESTRO – Nothing is better than a good-looking older man. (Monday & Tuesday only)
LAD & DAD – Natural for Dad and boys’ haircut for the lad.

Straight Razor Shaves

30 minute treatment includes hot towel, hot lather, straight-edge blade shave, post shave balm.

Hair Color

When is comes to hair coloring for men, we urge you to do yourself a favor and go to a salon that specializes in men’s hair care. We work with a range of male customers with very different hair coloring needs. Clients come to us looking for something that’s a slight departure from their everyday look such as highlights or a good chemical relaxer. Others want a completely new hair color and style. Regardless of your hair coloring needs we have an experienced staff that is able to accommodate your hair coloring needs. Some of our signature hair coloring services are: Hair Coloring, Beard Coloring, Grey Blending, Highlights and Relaxer.

Scalp & Face Treatments

You’ll receive much more than fine products and skilled service when you come to our salon in Mountain View. Our scalp treatments are customized to deliver maximum protection to your existing hair while creating a therapeutic and relaxing experience. While we are committed to helping you look your best, nothing brings us more satisfaction than your newfound confidence as you leave our salon. Fortunately, nothing does the job better than our signature Scalp Treatment.

Our Scalp Treatment includes 20 minutes of personalized service and application of therapeutic ingredients. You will also receive a follow-up prescription to ensure optimal results. An invigorating treatment using therapeutic tea tree ingredients provides antiseptic and antioxidant properties to stimulate healthy hair growth and improve the health of your scalp.

Nail Treatments

30 minute treatment includes cuticle treatment, hand mask and scrub with a relaxing hand and arm massage.


We offer two waxing services to our valued clients:
Nose or ears – This treatment neatens the hair growing from nostrils and ears. It provides a streamlined appearance that does not require clipping to maintain.  Our technicians can quickly remove hair from these areas.
Eyebrows – Men’s eyebrow waxing smooths the masculine brow line and clears stray hairs from between the eyebrows. This treatment achieves a natural look that flatters your face.