Meet Men’s Hairstylist Ashley Mullins | Refine Men’s Salon

//Meet Men’s Hairstylist Ashley Mullins | Refine Men’s Salon

Men's Hairstylist

Want to freshen up your summer look with a high and tight or a fade? Call Refine Men’s Salon at 615-219-0188 to schedule an appointment with stylist Ashley Mullins. With eleven years of licensed experience, Ashley can handle a wide variety of styles. (But you’re especially in luck if you want a tapered fade!) 

As Ashley says, “Tapered fades are truly my favorite. I have been a men’s stylist pretty much my entire career and have had a lot of practice with tapered fades with having a father who is in the military. Once you master a high and tight you’re pretty much unstoppable!”

We’re thrilled to have her back from maternity leave! Get to know her in this interview…

How did you become interested in hair?

I grew up with an aunt who was a hairstylist and really enjoyed the idea of creating something for someone that made them feel great about themselves.

When did you become a hairstylist?

I’ve been licensed since 2009.

What hair trend would you like to see catch on?

I would definitely love to see the tapered neckline become more popular because it looks more natural and gives the gentleman more longevity with the haircut.

If you could cut any celebrity’s hair, it would be…

Ryan Reynolds – and not just because he’s handsome! He seems like he has great hair and cool style.

Worst haircut you’ve ever had?

This actually is a super funny story. When I was six my mother told me that I needed bangs and proceeded to cut my hair in the kitchen. About an hour later, my father walked into the kitchen and saw that I had been given a mullet! And I mean, literally, Kindergarten in the front and recess in the back.

Favorite haircut you’ve given someone else?

Definitely tapered fade on dark hair – those are always my favorite.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Well, I am just returning from maternity leave after having my first child. So, I like to play with him and I’m trying to keep my sanity with a teething baby!

What hair textures do you most enjoy working with?

I really enjoy dark hair just because you can see the gradation way more predominantly. But I am very comfortable with all textures.

What are your favorite products to work with?

I love, love, and I mean love Reuzel! It is a product line based out of Holland! All of their products are phenomenal and their packaging is very masculine and modern.

What do you like about specializing in men’s hair?

What I like about working at a fine men’s salon, is that it gives gentlemen the option to pamper themselves and relax. A lot of salons geared towards gentlemen are very fast-paced… an in-and-out atmosphere. Gentlemen are entitled to also sit down and take a break and do something that makes them feel great about themselves. I also try very hard to read the client’s body language to see if they would like to converse. And I am totally OK with just providing the service that they need and allowing them just to relax in peace.

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To schedule an appointment with Ashley, please call Refine Men’s Salon at 615-219-0188 or book online. Please read these health and safety guidelines prior to your visit. We look forward to seeing you!